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Coach. Trainer. Therapist.

I am a well qualified and experienced Life Coach, Trainer and Therapist. Having been on a journey of self discovery and recovery from M.E and anxiety and other personal issues, I know with my life experience, skills and qualifications, I am the person who can help you resolve your issues.

I use a range of techniques in my work including Coaching, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy ( TFT), PsyTap, The Lightning Process, Hypnotherapy, Old Pain 2 Go, Kinetic Shift Technique and Law of Attraction. I am qualified and experienced in all of the above techniques and I continue to learn new techniques to help you to make the changes you need. I  am understanding, caring and compassionate whilst being quick and effective in my work, enabling you to get the results you want quickly and easily.

I have a background as a registered nurse, trainer and manager having worked with people from all walks of life giving me years of experience in working with people. I provide a person centred service tailored to meet your needs. I am committed to helping others make positive changes in their lives

My experience

I work using person centred values and the core belief that everyone has it within them to make positive change for themselves.  My job is to help you find ways of making those changes, giving you a set of tools to use to continually enhance your life.

I have worked with people for many years.  Changing lives has been part of my working life in one way or another for over 30 years, and I bring that experience, plus all of my training, to every session I run.

I have been personally trained by:
Phil Parker – a leading figure in NLP and founder of the life changing Lightning Process.
Kevin Laye – founder of PsyTap.
Janet Thompson – Creator of the Placebo Diet, best selling author and an outstanding Trainer and Practitioner.
Karl Smith – Founder of United Kingdom Hypnosis Academy, published author and a leader in revolutionary fast hypnosis techniques
Alan Johnson – NLP and Old Pain 2 Go trainer.

My Qualifications

  • Clinical Diploma in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Coaching
  • Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching
  • Advanced Certificate in NLP, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherpy
  • Licensed Practitioner of The Phil Parker Lightning Process®
  • Certified PsyTap (Psychosensory Techniques & Principles) Practitioner
  • Certified TFT (Thought Field Therapy) Practitioner
  • Certified Old Pain 2 Go Practitioner
  • Kinetic Shift Practitioner
  • UK Hypnosis Academy Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Registered Nurse (LD)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology with Philosophy
  • CMI L5 Diploma in Management
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Certificate in Restorative Practice
  • Certificate in working with Young People experiencing Trauma

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne says: "It might help you to know that I was once also looking for a solution to my health and psychological issues."

Professional Memberships:

Member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming
British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP established 1984

Get in touch today

"I met Suzanne recently and we had a 1:1 session. We did some exercises together, using the tapping method. I can't believe the results! I used to crave chocolate. After 2 minutes with Suzanne, the cravings have gone."


"For many years I suffered with low self-esteem which led to many anxieties which in turn led to over eating. I now deal with my over-eating with the tools Suzanne taught me. Just give her a ring, you will never regret it. I haven’t."


"Suzanne is wonderful and personable and gives you so much time. I would highly recommend a session."


"Suzanne is amazing and a wonderful therapist"


"I found Suzanne quite by accident and wish I had met her years ago. She transformed my life in such a short time."


"Already had some knowledge of NLP from previous training and self research but following a need to address a particular historic anxiety of my own needed to take action. Completed a very short session with Suzanne which surprised me how effective this intervention can be.  Thanks for your help!"