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The process

Initial Consultation

An initial telephone conversation is free and will last approximately 10-20 minutes. There is no obligation for you to go ahead with an appointment.

Fees are discussed at the initial consultation. They are always based on your individual needs we will estimate your costs and amount of sessions needed at the initial telephone consultation. Often, people find they only need one or two sessions to resolve an issue.

Your Appointments

Your first appointment will very often be a discovery session where I assess your needs and start to help you make a positive change.  Your appointments will be tailored to suit your needs.

Because the techniques are fast and very effective, you may only need one or two appointments, but if you need any further appointments, these will be agreed at the end of your appointment.

Appointments are usually held at Newton Hall, Durham but I can also arrange to see you at other locations around the north east region.  Please ask for details.

I am also able to offer appointments by Skype and other video calling methods.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is usually required at the time of booking and the remaining balance must be paid at least 24 hours prior to the appointment by bank transfer. Please contact us for our payment account details.

Get in touch today

"For many years I suffered with low self-esteem which led to many anxieties which in turn led to over eating. I now deal with my over-eating with the tools Suzanne taught me. Just give her a ring, you will never regret it. I haven’t."


"Already had some knowledge of NLP from previous training and self research but following a need to address a particular historic anxiety of my own needed to take action. Completed a very short session with Suzanne which surprised me how effective this intervention can be.  Thanks for your help!"


"Suzanne is wonderful and personable and gives you so much time. I would highly recommend a session."


"Suzanne is amazing and a wonderful therapist"


"I met Suzanne recently and we had a 1:1 session. We did some exercises together, using the tapping method. I can't believe the results! I used to crave chocolate. After 2 minutes with Suzanne, the cravings have gone."


"I found Suzanne quite by accident and wish I had met her years ago. She transformed my life in such a short time."