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    CFS/ME Poetry

    by Suzanne Milbourne on

    As a person who was diagnosed with CFS/ME I wanted to share some poetry which I had written when I was ill.  I’m sure you will identify with how I felt at these times if you have CFS/ME or a similar health issue. 

    The Ghoster-Coaster

    Roll up! Roll up! It’s the ride of your life
    The scary old coaster of trouble and strife
    One day your you’re cruisin’ and having a ball
    The next day you’re spiralling in a free-fall

    The Coaster is plummeting all on its own
    Down to the depths of the dark cavern zone
    It’s eerie and cold and it’s so hard to see
    The Coaster takes off like it wants to be free.

    Just like the coaster you’re down in the crypt
    In a mind-body weakness you’re hopelessly gripped
    The cobwebs that drape through your mind are so dense
    It’s a dark place to be and the pain so intense

    The next turn is upward with hope on the rise
    That the daylight returns as you open your eyes
    You lift up your head and are greeted by light
    The coaster is climbing and gaining some height

    Up through the sunshine the day is unfurled
    It’s a good day today, you’re on top of the world!
    Pain free and coping with life’s great demands
    The coaster is soaring above pleasant lands

    Next you’re thrust downward, you’re stripped of all hope
    Headed for Hell, it’s a slippery slope.
    A twist in the track throws your head in a whirl
    A corkscrewing helix, a devilish curl.

    It tosses you down to the depths of despair,
    Fatigue, pain and numbness return from thin air
    Another dim corner, a chamber of gloom
    Where fiends, ghouls and demons delight at your doom.

    And then out of nowhere you feel a sharp jolt
    As the coaster brakes harshly and creaks to a halt.
    Trapped there, immobile, Imprisoned by pain
    You’re stuck on the scariest spookiest train

    The old Ghoster-Coaster of Chronic Fatigue
    A carriage of torment who’s in his own league.
    The Coaster has always new tricks up his sleeve
    You’re gripped by his power, you can’t ever leave.

    He’ll twist you and turn you and spin you around
    He’ll lift you then dash all your hopes to the ground.
    Passengers riding can never walk free
    As all ticket holders are cursed with M.E.!

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