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  • Festive Self-Care

    by Suzanne Milbourne on

    This week’s blog is about self-care.  Self-care is so important at any time, but more so at this time of the year as we hurtle at full speed toward the holiday season. 

    I always used to feel like Christmas was coming towards me so fast and that I was headed at 100 miles an hour into a brick wall! It wasn’t until recent years that I decided to change the way I felt about Christmas so that I could just enjoy it like most other people. For me, gone are the days of racing round the shops to buy the latest gadgets and gifts, queueing in the supermarket for sprouts and turkey, and trying to attend all the Christmas parties I was invited to.  In our family we have decided to make cut backs at Christmas, not just on spending, but also on the amount of time we put in to it.

    In years past we have spent lots on presents, food and other seasonal items.  I spent my days off shopping and wrapping presents, and Christmas day in the kitchen.  By Boxing Day I was so exhausted I just wanted to go to bed.  Not this year!

    This year I invested in a pop-up Christmas tree, which took me 15 minutes to put up compared to half a day with the old one.  I have kept my decorations to a minimum and sent the old Christmas Trees and boxes of decorations off to the charity shops so that they may be enjoyed by others. My family and I are buying each other just one gift each, and we each have a small Christmas stocking (which Father Christmas fills of course).  We are buying only one box of mince pies, a small Christmas cake slab and perhaps a small yule log.  We are having a take-out on Christmas Day – yes .. a take-out! Our local Indian restaurant will be open from 5pm so we will have our meal then.  Our day will be taken at a leisurely pace, with our presents first thing, a nice walk, If the weather permits, I will probably take some photographs.  I’ll then have a rest and then we will have our meal. In the evening I will probably take a nice long bath and put on my pyjamas – and Im hoping Father Christmas brings me some nice bath goodies for that!

    At bedtime the day will be just like any other.  I will retire to do two meditations, my gratitude list for the day and some Reiki

    Now I can’t tell you to do your Christmas just like me, as I know you may have children and perhaps other responsibilities, but please take the time to think about your own self-care this year.

    • Why not cut down on the amount you spend?
    • Think about how many parties you want to go to. Its ok to say no!
    • If you cook dinner, think about how you could make things easier. Could you use ready prepared veg? Could you ask others to contribute to the tasks?
    • Think about and plan your days. Could you plan in some rest periods?
    • Think about the amount of alcohol you drink
    • Make sure you eat healthily as far as possible

    Most importantly of all make sure you have FUN!


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