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Phil Parker Lightning Process

What is the Lightning Process?

The Phil Parker Lightning Process® (LP) is a training course that focuses on the science behind how the mind and body interact; it gives you powerful tools to use this mind-body link to influence your health and life. The tools involve gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises. With practise you can use them to change the way your nervous system works, switching on pathways which promote health and switching off ones which aren’t so good for you.

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There are 3 Steps to The Lightning Process

Step 1 – The Lightning Process Home Study Section
Step 2 – The Lightning Process Seminar
Step 3 – Follow up and putting it all into practice

The first phase of your Lightning Process (LP) training is taken at home by working through an interactive audio programme. Once you’ve completed this you’ll have enough of the key tools and concepts to move onto phase two – the three day seminar.

Through working through the download you will:
Learn about the detailed science and research behind the Lightning Process and how it can help you resolve your issues
Start your training in recognising when you’re using your body, nervous system and specific language patterns in a damaging way
Develop new healthier neurological pathway
Explore how the Lightning Process has helped others.

Please click here to access the download.

Please note: you will not be able to ‘do’ the whole Lightning Process simply by completing this stage, as it contains only the first of the three phases. After listening or reading it you will need to take the second phase of working with an experienced practitioner.

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Step 2 – The Lightning Process Seminar

The home study section, the next phase starts with contacting your practitioner. They will answer any questions you have and talk you through the details of the seminar.

Seminars tend to be run as small group training with between 3-8 people in each group, however there is also the option to take the training as a 1:1.

Your Lightning Process training will include:

  • Your pre-course discussions and specific coaching if required.
  • Three half day LP training and course materials, including support CD/download and comprehensive course manual.
  • Three hours of follow up phone/skype calls

Step 3 - Follow up and putting it all into practice

Once you have completed your training, there are a number of additional support structures:

  • Free podcasts and newsletter updates
  • Graduate website
  • Post-course downloads and books to support your learning
  • Additional phone or one-to-one coaching appointments as required
  • Group Follow up sessions

Course Dates

Free Talks

12th April 2018 – 6pm – 7pm

To book a place on a free talk click here

Course Dates:

8th, 9th and 10th May 2018 – 1pm- 5pm

12th, 13th and 14th June 2018 – 9.30am – 1.30pm

17th, 18th and 19th July 2018 – 09.30am – 1.30pm


Further courses for 2018 to be confirmed

If these dates and times are not suitable for you, or for details of further courses, please get in touch.


Suzanne usually delivers the Lightning Process in Durham. She can offer the Lightning Process at other venues in Northern England or in your own home if you are unable to travel, however this may incur extra costs. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne says: “It might help you to know that I was once also looking for a solution to my health and psychological issues.”

"Suzanne is wonderful and personable and gives you so much time. I would highly recommend a session."


"For many years I suffered with low self-esteem which led to many anxieties which in turn led to over eating. I now deal with my over-eating with the tools Suzanne taught me. Just give her a ring, you will never regret it. I haven’t."


"Already had some knowledge of NLP from previous training and self research but following a need to address a particular historic anxiety of my own needed to take action. Completed a very short session with Suzanne which surprised me how effective this intervention can be.  Thanks for your help!"


"Suzanne is amazing and a wonderful therapist"


"I found Suzanne quite by accident and wish I had met her years ago. She transformed my life in such a short time."


"I met Suzanne recently and we had a 1:1 session. We did some exercises together, using the tapping method. I can't believe the results! I used to crave chocolate. After 2 minutes with Suzanne, the cravings have gone."