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Suzanne's Story

Suzanne says: “If you are considering taking the Lightning Process it might help you to know that I was once in your shoes – searching for an answer to what seemed like a myriad of health issues. Here is the story of how the Lightning Process changed my life.”

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After many years of struggling with anxiety, depression, panic disorders, crippling fatigue, pain and many other symptoms of ill health, some of which I was diagnosed with and medicated for, I finally got a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

At that time, I was finding it hard to remain at work, having periods of sitting at my desk and falling asleep on many days, My cognitive ability seemed in decline with the inability to follow instructions and feeling like my head was wrapped in cobwebs. I found it a major challenge just to get out of bed in the mornings and everything hurt, I used to call the pain I got a “body migraine”.

I found that if I did something strenuous, I always paid for it afterwards with a period of extreme exhaustion, where I would need to rest or sleep for a long time. What that meant was that if I went for a walk, I couldn’t do other things. Or if we had an evening out, there was no way I was going to be joining in with anything else for a few days. I had to make choices.

At about the same time, my daughter Laura became extremely unwell following a rather nasty relationship break-up. Whilst she never got a diagnosis of CFS/M.E., she showed many of the symptoms. Her illness had her bed-bound on most days. She would get up and come downstairs, but just the walk downstairs would exhaust her and she would then need to sleep for 3-4 hours just to recover. She was off work on sick and it seemed like there was no hope in her getting back to work. Medical staff were baffled as all her tests showed up as normal.

She and I had been unwell for sometime, and then a friend suggested we try the Lightning Process. I was so pleased that someone had given me some hope.

Laura and I completed stage one and then attended the seminar with our lovely practitioner, Jenny in York. After day one we were both feeling very positive and starting to see improvements. That evening Laura recalls running up the stairs without thinking about it. She hadn’t been able to do that in months. Day two was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. My energy levels increased significantly and that moment stands out as one of the most life changing events I have ever experienced.

Both of us have not looked back since. Laura went back to work, and now has a new job and is working and playing hard every day. Not bad for a young lady who used to sleep for around 18 hours a day!

I have energy, clarity of mind, a comfortable body … I guess you could say I got my mojo back!

The Lightning Process changed my life in many ways. Not only did I get well, I decided on a career change – The Lightning Process helped me to find a new path. With my new found energy and zest for life I continued to work full time and studied hard and then I left corporate life to be a Lightning Process Practitioner so that I could share that ‘magic’ with others.

"Already had some knowledge of NLP from previous training and self research but following a need to address a particular historic anxiety of my own needed to take action. Completed a very short session with Suzanne which surprised me how effective this intervention can be.  Thanks for your help!"


"I found Suzanne quite by accident and wish I had met her years ago. She transformed my life in such a short time."


"Suzanne is amazing and a wonderful therapist"


"Suzanne is wonderful and personable and gives you so much time. I would highly recommend a session."


"For many years I suffered with low self-esteem which led to many anxieties which in turn led to over eating. I now deal with my over-eating with the tools Suzanne taught me. Just give her a ring, you will never regret it. I haven’t."


"I met Suzanne recently and we had a 1:1 session. We did some exercises together, using the tapping method. I can't believe the results! I used to crave chocolate. After 2 minutes with Suzanne, the cravings have gone."