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Its all about making positive change to enhance and progress. Whatever issue you want to resolve, together we will embark on a journey of exploration, intrigue and resolution. Our journey opens up a multitude of possibilities for you to explore as we create new worlds for you to flourish in…
All these worlds are yours to keep..

What happens at an appointment?

Your appointment may consist of just one, or a blend of the approaches outlined below.  It really depends on what you have come to resolve and how you feel about each method.  For example, some people come purely for hypnotherapy because it’s what they know and trust, and others are happier with using a different method.

You can book a discovery session which means we look at the issue you want to resolve, we look at the options for making changes and we start some work there and then.  A discovery session lasts an hour and costs £60.

You can book a longer session (usually 1.5 hours) where we can get much more change-work done.

If your’e not sure which type of session you would like, its best to give me a call and we can decide together.

At every session you will be treated with respect, kindness and integrity and all of our sessions are confidential.

I usually hold appointments at my room in Consett, which is on a business park.  This means your visit is very discrete as it just looks like you are coming to a meeting rather than coming to therapy.

I can also see you virtually using skype.  It is surprising how well this works and many of my skype clients have seen amazing changes from our work.

Below is a short overview of some of the methods I use:


NLP or neuro linguistic programming is an extremely effective way of making lasting rapid change in your life.

The focus is on the present and the future, and how we can make positive changes rather than spending too much time dwelling on the past.

The name means:
Neuro – the way our brains and minds work.
Linguistic – the way language affects the way our brains and minds work.
Programming – how our brain can sometimes seem to be working against us, and how we can reprogram using language to get the positive changes that are life enhancing.

In NLP we use a range of techniques which often include listening and talking in specific ways to help you discover what your brain has been doing and how we can get it to work in a more positive way for you.


Psy-Tap is a set of techniques created by founder Kevin Laye. It is a blending of proven techniques, many of them with strong neuroscience based processes. The techniques are rapid in their application from one second to a couple of minutes.

It uses simple application of easy to remember techniques, which either stop totally, or allow you to have control over a negative emotion or state.

Certified Psy-Tap Practitioner


Hypnotherapy or hypnosis is sometimes used to create a relaxed state so that we can access the subconscious or unconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a fascinating place which can help us to make some significant positive changes.

If we agree use hypnosis you will always remain in full control and can bring yourself back to full consciousness whenever you choose.

If you would like more information about the way in which hypnosis might be used please discuss this with your practitioner either prior to your appointment or at the start of your session.

TFT (Thought Field Therapy)

Dr. Roger Callahan started developing TFT in 1979. TFT is a technique for the rapid relief of all kinds of emotional distress.

It works like acupuncture, but without the needles, stimulating the body’s energy meridians to resolve problems with the body’s emotional control system, using a sequences of tappping on various parts of the body.

The results are amazing as emotional problems often disappear in minutes.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is designed to tap into your full potential. Many of today’s most successful people use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.

The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession by looking at what is going on right now, uncovering any obstacles or challenges, and choosing a course of action to transform your life into what or how you want it to be.

Past Life Regression

Some people believe that we have more than one life. Sometimes people find it comforting to explore past lives and discover things from other lives which may be impacting on them in the here and now. A regression session is a stand-alone session where we use hypnosis to discover past lives and take learning from those lives to enhance the life we live now.

Kinetic Shift

A new, unique and powerful process created by Karl Smith, leading figure in the world of hypnosis and the founder of UK Hypnosis Academy. Kinetic shift is a quick and effective way to help release unwanted and unhelpful feelings and emotions.

Kinetic shift practitioner accredited with The UK Hypnosis Academy

Old Pain 2 Go

Old Pain 2 Go created by Steven Blake is a method of addressing pain that no longer serves a purpose. Pain is a message, and often we carry pain messages around with us long after they have served their purpose of telling us we are in danger. Old Pain 2Go works with the subconscious or unconscious mind without using hypnosis to release pain messages. For more information on this method please visit the Old Pain 2 Go website at

Steven Blake's OldPain2Go Methodology Certified Practitioner

Professional Memberships:

Member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming
British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP established 1984

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"I found Suzanne quite by accident and wish I had met her years ago. She transformed my life in such a short time."


"Suzanne is amazing and a wonderful therapist"


"Suzanne is wonderful and personable and gives you so much time. I would highly recommend a session."


"Already had some knowledge of NLP from previous training and self research but following a need to address a particular historic anxiety of my own needed to take action. Completed a very short session with Suzanne which surprised me how effective this intervention can be.  Thanks for your help!"


"I met Suzanne recently and we had a 1:1 session. We did some exercises together, using the tapping method. I can't believe the results! I used to crave chocolate. After 2 minutes with Suzanne, the cravings have gone."


"For many years I suffered with low self-esteem which led to many anxieties which in turn led to over eating. I now deal with my over-eating with the tools Suzanne taught me. Just give her a ring, you will never regret it. I haven’t."