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  • Tinnitus

    by Suzanne Milbourne on

    Today my blog is about tinnitus -have you ever suffered with this? Do you suffer with it now?

    It’s a condition which is different for everyone. It is also known as ringing in the ears, and for some that’s exactly how it sounds.  For others, it’s a whistling sound, or a rumble or a hiss.   Its often a symptom of another condition such as Menieres Disease or Vestibular Neuritis or it can occur as a result of damage to the inner ear from exposure to loud noise. These are not the only causes and if you do have tinnitus you really should get it checked by your GP.

    Tinnitus can at best be mildly annoying, or it can interfere severely with your life depending on what your experience is. Some people find it even disturbs their sleep

    My experience of it is one of fear, horror and panic as it set in one morning a few days after a health scare.  Over the weeks it changed from a deafening, haunting high pitched blast lasting hours, leaving me feeling deaf in one ear, to a slight background continual hiss and whistle.

    Whilst waiting for an appointment with a specialist to try and resolve the issue here is what I found helpful:

    Meditation – guided meditations about health and healing have been a huge source of comfort and have helped me sleep.  Personal meditation has also been comforting and has allowed me to switch off my responses to the noise.

    Separating the tinnitus from any other symptoms – In the early days I got dizziness, headaches and all sorts of things all at the same time.  I thought I was having some kind of seizure.  When I separated all of these out I managed to work with them all more effectively

    Treat the anxiety – Anxiety was probably the biggest issue – I had nausea, a sense of altered reality and physical tremors and first … once I worked on the anxiety these symptoms started to resolve slowly.

    Being in nature – Possibly the best approach of all.  Being outside amongst trees, lakes and leafy lanes meant the tinnitus faded into the background.  Walking was great, physical activity made me feel healthily tired and gave me something to focus on.

    Laughter – Being with people I liked and who had a good sense of humour was amazing.

    Changing the colour – This may sound odd – but my tinnitus is always green.  In the early days it was jagged edged, sharp and pointed and often resembled shattered glass.  When I changed those properties to things that were more pleasing, I started to get some relief

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